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Publication name: Mata_sporulation Experiment name: pat1_1-51_t_12
Red: timecourse 3 t12h
Green: vegetative cells
Description: To achieve the best possible synchrony we used thermosensitive mutants in the meiotic inhibitor pat1. We first pre-synchronized vegetative diploid cells in G1 by removal of nitrogen at the permissive temperature for pat1, and then induced meiosis by inactivating pat1 with a temperature shift (a small amount of nitrogen was added to the medium to improve synchrony). The data are shown as ratios between the RNA level at each experimental time point and the RNA level in vegetative cells. The temperature-shift is done at time 0. Premeiotic S-phase takes place at ~2 h, and is accompanied by chromosome pairing and recombination. The first meiotic division takes place at 5 h and the second one at 5.5 h. The forespore membrane is formed between 5.5 and 6.5 h, and mature spores appear at 10-12 h.
Ratio min: 0.0769 Ratio max: 33.3 Average(log2ratio): -0.2 Std_dev(log2ratio): 1.1
Present: 677 ORF - Repressed: 41(6.1%) 3 fold, 148(21.9%) 2 fold, 231(34.1%) 1.5 fold - Induced: 123(18.2%) 1.5 fold, 69(10.2%) 2 fold, 32(4.7%) 3 fold