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Help for hybridization and analysis


The transcriptome plaform can perform DNA microarray experiments and/or results analysis, the partner laboratory and the platform being both actors of the project. In this way, discussions before and during the project are essential to carry this collaboration to the best conclusion.

Within the platform team, a "supervisor" manages the experimental plan, in concertation with the persons in charge for the hybridization process and/or the results analysis.

This operation mode is based on the collaboration principle, you can download the general collaboration conditions (PDF format).

You can also obtained a particular help by contacting us through electronic mail to the address:


This help is offered to all the laboratories which:

  • plan to perform DNA microarray experiments (hybridization)
  • already have DNA microarray results and need them to be analyzed (analysis)

In both cases, you must contact us as soon as possible to discuss first and together about the experimental design (conditions to be compared, replicates number...) in order to take the best of the results.

The hybridization help only applies for the moment to our catalog chips. The platform team receives the RNA samples, carries out the amplification (if required), labelling and hybridization steps, and finally the scan of the chips.
Quality controls are performed when samples are received to ensure that they were not damaged during the carriage.

Raw data (images of the chips) are the start point of the analysis help for the analysis of the results step. In this part, we perform the signal normalization and the differential analysis (differentially expressed genes).

For any specific request about the hybridization help (out of catalog chips) and/or about the analysis help (classification), please send an electronic mail to


  1. First meeting: general conditions for collaboration are described here (PDF format). If you wish to set up such a project, please get in touch with us as soon as possible through electronic mail at the following address:
  2. Collaboration form return: a platform comittee has been turned on to evaluate the projects. In order to facilitate this step, please fill the collaboration form (DOC format) which helps us to better replace the context of your needs.
  3. Upon the project acceptance : a rendez-vous is scheduled to elaborate together the experimental design and to set up a previsional schedule.
  4. Finally, the sending to our team of the samples (hybridization help) or the data (analysis help) is the start point of the planified work.


Download the general collaboration conditions (PDF format).
The general collaboration conditions form describes the general context for the hybridization and analysis help that we propose to you.

Download the collaboration form (DOC format, you can fill it electronically).
The collaboration form allows to expose your project to us, and constitutes a basis for the discussion which will lead to the elaboration of the experimental design that addresses the best your goals.

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